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Additional Mounts

Additional Mounts

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Have multiple mounting options for your Taper Link products.  Mounting hardware included.  Printed from a semi flexible material for durability.



Flat Surface mounts.  Mount to any Flat surface.  Comes with (2) Stainless #8X5/8” pan head wood screws.

Bucket Mount: Curved mounting surface designed to mount anywhere on a 5 gallon bucket.  Comes with (2) Stainless #8X5/8” bolts with Stainless Nylock nuts.

Hole Sleeve Mount:  Curved Mounting surface design to mount on Hole sleeves enabling the rattle reel to be placed under clear hole covers for overnight, or simply to keep the line away from the inside of the house.  Comes with (2) Stainless #8X5/8" bolts with Stainless Nylock nuts.


These products are proudly made in the USA, printed and assembled one at a time.  If there is product that is out of stock, check back soon or drop a request via email.

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