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Livescope Perspective Mount-Garmin Ice Bundle Pole

Livescope Perspective Mount-Garmin Ice Bundle Pole

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This Product replaces the factory Livescope Transducer mount enabling the use of Perspective view.  The quick detach pin allows for quick and easy stowing of the transducer while in transit to prevent scuffs and scratches.  

Integrated Drain holes on both pole mount and adapter coupler to prevent freeze up.

0°-90° with 15° splines. 

alignment tab to precisely reconnect the pole clamp-to-transducer every time.

Mounts to the factory Garmin Ice Bundle Pole end piece.  The pole Mount has an integrated lip so when installed properly, the clamp can never slide down and off the pole.


For proper installation, you must have the factory shoulder bolt, washer and rubber washer to mount the transducer onto the transducer mount.

This product is currently only for the LVS 32.  

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